These should really go without saying, but still - please read the following very carefully. When booking an appointment with me you agree to adhere to Namastow’s Service Etiquette and the House Rules. I retain the right to cancel bookings and end sessions if you are breaching these rules.

Ayurvedic Massage is therapeutic – nothing else

All treatments at Namastow are entirely therapeutic and absolutely non-sexual. If you are overstepping any boundaries I will immediately end the session. You will not be given any refund if the session is ended because of you behaving inappropriately.

Massage Supplies

I’m inviting you into my house and I expect you to treat it and its inhabitants (that’s me, my husband and our cat) with respect. I retain the right to end sessions and ask you to leave if you are behaving  disrespectfully or aggressive.

My home – my rules

Cancelling or rescheduling an appointment

Stuff happens - we all know that sometimes something unforeseen comes in between you and your treatment. I have decided not to run any strict cancellation policy and charge any kind of fees on cancellation or rescheduling.

The only thing I am asking you to do if you have to reschedule or cancel an appointment is to let me know as soon as possible so that I can either live my life or open the space up for somebody else. When you make a booking with me please bear in mind that I am currently giving treatments in my spare time - I do have a very demanding full-time job. I therefore ask you to be mindful of this and treat my time with the same respect as you would treat your own time. Please do make every effort to make the appointment. I really hope that this approach works best for everyone and that no-one takes advantage of it, which would make me have to change my mind about Namastow's cancellation policy.


Payment in advance

There are different payment options for my treatments – currently PayPal, bank transfer and cash. All sessions need to be paid in advance – we will not be able to start the treatment unless I have been paid the full price of the service. I will do my best to have change in my house, but can not guarantee this, so I recommend you bring the right amount of money with you if you wish to pay in cash.