Preparing for your massage

If this is the first time, you are getting a massage at Namastow please read the following carefully. I also ask each of my clients to read the House Rules & Service Etiquette page carefully as these set out the ground rules for a great Ayurvedic experience. 

Things I should know before the massage

It is very important for me to understand your current health status before you come for your first massage. This way I can prepare accordingly. For example it might be that your imbalances are best treated with an oil that I do not have in stock. If I know in advance, I can probably still get my hands on it. 

Please do let me know if you have any injuries or anything else that I need to know. Is there a specific reason why you are coming for a massage? Do let me know so we can decide how and if to focus on this. Please also let me know if you have a cold or are congested - some of my practices are not very good when there is a lot of mucus present in the body. There are alternatives, so we can make sure that you still get the most out of your treatment.

Pregnant Woman in Nature

One of the best experiences during your pregnancy can be an Ayurvedic Massage from a well-trained practitioner. I am - however - not massaging pregnant clients at the moment. If you would like me to refer you to some of my wonderful colleagues, please reach out!

Pregnancies and Ayurvedic Massages

Have a snack before your treatment

Make sure that you have a little snack around one hour before your appointment - especially if you are having a full body treatment that lasts around 2 hours. Your body might need some extra energy.

What to wear for your appointment

I use medicinal herbal oils for the Ayurvedic massage - these oils can work their wonders best if you leave them on as long as possible. I therefore recommend wearing comfy clothes, that can get a little bit oily - you won’t be dripping with oil when you get off the massage table, but there might be some traces when your skin gets in contact with your clothes.

If the weather is a bit cold or windy, I would recommend that you bring a hat. This only applies if you have booked a treatment that includes the head massage. Your hair will get quite oily (and will love you for it). You can of course opt for leaving the oil out of the treatment, but I'd strongly recommend you give it a try!

Fall Essentials

Make enough time for the appointment

I will do my best to stick to the time that you have booked, but sometimes it can happen that I would go a bit over time - for example when there are some areas that really require some extra attention or if we started a bit later.

In general I recommend to leave some time in your schedule free after an Ayurvedic Massage. This way you can enjoy the effects even more. If you have other appointments or you have to finish on time, let me know at the beginning of our session - I will make sure to finish on time.